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Massage in Your Life:

"Up to 90% of the physical & psychological challenges that we encounter in life are directly related to and affected by sustained states of stress.. we must develop resources to off-set these impacts and support our well-being."  -Dr. Astago

Massage is a proven tool for counteracting the negative impacts of stress on the body.  Massage & manual therapies are evidence-based practices that originated from an historical recognition of the power of touch and manual medicine to contribute to the health and healing of the entire being - body, mind, and spirit.  They have been shown to help regulate blood pressure, increase our capacity to visit deep states of relaxation, increase quality and duration of sleep, and reduce pain.  Perhaps more importantly, they have been shown to improve overall quality of life.  Come join me in exploring these healing modalities that can be used to promote general health, improve quality of life during illness, and promote recovery during injury rehabilitation!

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Seated & On-Site Massage: Break For Massage, our corporate provider arm, offers on-site massage  with such local companies as The Calvert Group, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Chevy Chase Bank! Employers are recognizing the benefits of helping their employees to offset the negative effects of stress encountered in today's workplace.  By supporting the health and wellness of employees, staff can in turn better support the mission of the company.  A win-win situation! Whether you need massage to celebrate an event or as a regular part of your work environment, let us help you to boost morale and productivity, reduce stress levels, and reduce health care expenditures.

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Selena Reames, LMT, OTR/L, has been practicing massage and manual therapies since 2000.  She draws on her background in physical rehabilitation, CranioSacral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, mindfulness training, and swedish, and deep-tissue massage to customize each session to suit the needs of her clients.  Click here to learn more about Selena.



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